Zee never planned to move back to her hometown of Ashwood, Ontario—and definitely not with her parents. (At the age of forty, no less.) She never expected to stumble across a dead body either. And the kittens… They took her by surprise as well.

With her life turned upside down by cats and crime, and her own secrets under threat, she decides to become the author of her own destiny. (And good luck to anyone who stands in her way—or tries to call her ‘Mackenzie.’)

Follow Zee’s (mis)adventures in this Canadian cozy mystery series by Jacquelyn Smith, author of the Kira Brightwell mysteries.

Shorts (In Chronological Order)

Death Clause Mackenzie Quinn cover By Book or by Crook Mackenzie Quinn cover

Novels (In Chronological Order)
The Author of His Demise Mackenzie Quinn Mystery cover