Mackenzie Quinn has arrived!

Well, Kira’s Canadian cousin is finally on the case. (Two cases, actually.) I’ve released two short novel adventures in the series, and I’m currently working on the first full-length novel, which takes place roughly three months after the second short. Both of these (mis)adventures were a lot of fun to write, and feature some quirky, small-town characters–plus, several cats. (And one adorable Chihuahua-Pomeranian, lol.)

The first short, Death Clause, tells the story of Zee’s unplanned return to her hometown, and is available to purchase from pretty much every ebook retailer and directly from this website. (It’s also available in paperback.) By Book or by Crook takes place a few weeks later, and is a newsletter exclusive.

Death Clause Mackenzie Quinn coverDeath Clause: A Mackenzie Quinn Short Mystery

An unplanned homecoming turns to homicide…

Zee never expected to move back to her hometown to live with her parents. (And definitely not at the age of forty.) Then again, she never expected to stumble across a dead body either.

She thought when she left Toronto for the quiet, small-town life, she had left her problems behind.

But both cats and a killer have other plans…

Meet Zee Quinn (only her mother calls her ‘Mackenzie’)—prodigal daughter of Ashwood, Ontario, and amateur sleuth with a secret—in this introductory short novel from the Mackenzie Quinn cozy mystery series by the author of the Kira Brightwell mysteries, Jacquelyn Smith.

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By Book or by Crook Mackenzie Quinn coverBy Book or by Crook: A Mackenzie Quinn Short Mystery

A killer job interview takes a plot twist…

A nice, quiet job at the local bookstore. Seems like just the thing to help Zee blend in after her unplanned return to her childhood hometown of Ashwood, Ontario.

…Until the interview turns into a strange, new case that flips everything upside down, and risks exposing a long-held secret. (Looks like someone should have included ‘trouble magnet’ on her résumé…)

Join Zee (only her mother calls her ‘Mackenzie’) on one of her earlier adventures in this fun story from the Mackenzie Quinn cozy mystery series by Jacquelyn Smith.

This title is exclusively available as a free welcome gift to members of the Mackenzie Quinn newsletter crew:

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