Kira Brightwell

Kira Brightwell never planned to become a hero. But her abduction–and daring escape–change everything.

Now, she uses her wits and recently acquired MMA skills to solve local cases as a problem solver for hire. She also continues her quest to track down her abductor–a man known only as the Procurer.

Wherever Kira’s cases lead, she always seems to bring two things with her: an obsession with Nine Inch Nails, and a talent for trouble.

Follow her exploits in this ongoing series of crime fiction novels, shorts, and collections by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith. (Earlier titles in the series originally published under the pen name Kat Irwin.)

Novels (In Chronological Order):

Split Decision Kira Brightwell cover Black and Blue Kira Brightwell cover Game Plan Kira Brightwell cover Cornered Kira Brightwell cover

Shorts (In Chronological Order):

Ground Work Kira Brightwell cover Clean Break Kira Brightwell cover

Collections (In Chronological Order):

First Blood Kira Brightwell cover Second Warning Kira Brightwell cover Third Round Kira Brightwell cover Fourth Strike Kira Brightwell cover Down in the Fifth Kira Brightwell cover Six Stitches Kira Brightwell cover

Overall Chronological Order:

(A more detailed reading guide is available in “Proving Ground,” which is free for members of Jacquelyn’s sleuth squad as a welcome gift. Click here to learn more.)

Tale of the Tape (Short Prequel Novel)
Striking Distance (Short Origin Story)
Under Wraps (Short Halloween Novel)
Proving Ground (Short Story)
Split Decision (Novel, Book 1)
Ground Work (Short Story)
Clean Break (Short Novel)
On the Card (Short Story)
Black and Blue (Novel, Book 2)
Puncher’s Chance (Short Story)
Seeing Stars (Short Story)
Low Blow (Novel, Book 3)
Ring Girl (Short Story)
Weigh In (Short Novel)
Game Plan (Novel, Book 4)
In the Clinch (Novel, Book 5)
Cornered (Novel, Book 6)
Lucky Punch (Short Story)
Lights Out (Short Christmas/Holiday Story)