About Jacquelyn

Author photo by Mark Irwin.

Jacquelyn Smith is a Canadian author from the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario, where apologies are a regular part of most social interactions, and the second ‘T’ in ‘Toronto’ is definitely silent. (Sorry.)

Jacquelyn writes adventures in mystery, including the kick-ass Kira Brightwell series and the Mackenzie Quinn Canadian cozy mysteries, which both betray Jacquelyn’s quirky sense of humor. (Sorry, not sorry.) She also writes epic fantasy between solving fictional crimes.

Jacquelyn originally published several of the earlier titles in the Kira Brightwell series under the pen name Kat Irwin before she finally decided to kill Kat off in an effort to eliminate the many awkward questions about having a second identity.

When spending time in the real world, Jacquelyn lives with her partner in crime Mark, and their feline owner Xena, who is definitely a warrior princess.

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